Sunday Roast Dinner

12 augustus 2020 Uit Door Henk Tramper

Traditional British Dinner usually served on Sunday. This meal usually consist with one protein: Chicken, Beef, Salmon or Ham. (Those are the most commonly served). Additionally, the mash and roast potatoes are served along side the meat. However, dinner can’t do without a good amount of healthy vegetables: Carrots, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage and many more. On the side roast dinner is also served with either green or mushy pees, depending on customer preferences. Of course we can’t forget about peoples beloved gravy and home made Yorkshire pudding.

In order to prepare the meal we will need those ingredients:

  1. The Meat (We will be using a Chicken leg and a breast)
  2. Potatoes (Mashed and Roasted)
  3. Vegetables on plate (Boiled Carrots and Garden Peas)

For Gravy:

  1. One bottle of Irish Beer (We used Hertog Jan- Bockbier)
  2. Carrots
  3. Onions
  4. Bay Leaf
  5. Irish Herbs Mix
  6. Vegetable Broth
  7. Peppers

For Yorkshire Pudding :

  1. Plain flour
  2. Eggs
  3. Milk
  4. Sunflower oil

Step by Step:

Firstly, we will prepare a chicken leg. Make a deep cut at the middle of the chicken in order to marinate.
All we need to marinate a chicken is a: red pepper pure and minced garlic.
Pre heat oil on a pan and after oil is hot place the chicken leg on a hot pan. Grill each side for 3-5 min. After skin is crispy golden we will take the chicken off the pan and placed it in the deep pot. Next we will fill pot with vegetable broth and put in into the oven for 45 min (oven should be pre-heated with 100 degrees)
Chicken Breast should be also roasted on hot pan with oil and onions. Grill each side for at least 3-5 min. Breast should also be marinated in pepper pure with garlic and sprinkled with Irish herbs.
After 10 min of grilling both side we will boil cook chicken in little bit of broth and Irish beer.
For the Gravy bullion we will need a vegetables: Carrots, Onions and Red peppers. A Irish herb mix and one bay leaf.
We will boil cook vegetables in a deep pot with vegetable broth and Irish beer. Next we place a lid at the top and let it rest on a hot plate for 2h to slowly cook.
For the roast we will have to slice each potato into small wedges. Next ne a tray brushed with oil we will lay all wedges and spread oil on them evenly. After 30 min the the cooker the wedges should be cooked throughly. Next we will sprinkle salt on the top to add a bit of saltiness.
For the mash we will need a large pot filled with boiled potatoes. Next we will crack a one egg and pour a one quoter of the milk , plus a half of butter. Next we will mash everything together. After, we will sprinkle pepper and salt to add more taste.
On the side we will use a pre-boiled green peas.
Additionally, we will also add boiled carrots. We boiled them in hot water with salt and sugar.
In order to prepare a Yorkshire Pudding, in a big bowl mix 4 eggs, 200 ml milk and 200g plain flower. Whisk everything together until there is no lumps in a batter. On a cupcake trey evenly spread a sunflower oil and place try into pre-heated over. Leave trey inside oven for 20 min to heat up oil. Next we will pour batter mixture onto hot trey and as soon as possible place it back to over for additional 25 min or when puddings will rise up and look crispy from the outside. Oven should be set to 180 degrees.
Yorkshire puddings in the oven
This is what the final result should look like. Depending the amount of batter we used the size of pudding will differ.
We also decided to cook a beef. The meat piece was also marinated in pepper pure and garlic. We roasted each side for couple minutes.
Next we will slow cook our beef in broth and Irish beer for 2 hours on a hot plate. This is what beef should look like after slicing.
Finally, this is our final outcome.